DC Giving

DC Giving is the combined name we give to our Action and RAG sections which are explained below.

These sections help to make a positive contribution to the community and are a great way of getting involved in hall activities.


Action is all about volunteering and community service. It involves interacting with the local community and helping out where we can.

There are so many projects to be involved with, varying from tree planting and litter picks to painting fences. There are also international opportunities for those willing to get involved. This is a great way to help out the local community and make a difference, meet new people and help our hall be the best, one project at a time!

Besides feeling a sense of pride towards your act of good deed, this will also look brilliant on your CV! Your action reps will inform you of various Action projects that will be taking place throughout the year, organised by LSU.

For more information about hall events or international action projects, check out the DC Giving facebook page!


RAG is all about fundraising and giving. There are over 171,000 registered charities in the UK and 600,000 if you count the ones that aren’t yet registered. They all have worthwhile causes aimed at providing a better future for individuals suffering from illness, extreme circumstances or just want to make a difference.

Loughborough Students Union prides itself on being the biggest and best student fundraising organisation in the country, and is in the process of getting national recognition for its achievements. LSU RAG raised £1.39 million last year and we want to improve on that this year with numerous RAG raids, internal events on campus and external events.

There are tons of opportunities for you to get involved with - from skydiving to taking part in Tough Guy, climbing Kilimanjaro or cycling to Paris. You can also travel the country with your friends with a collection bucket on a rag raid, anywhere from London to Edinburgh!

We also arrange quiz nights and movie nights in DC common rooms for RAG which is always a laugh. There are also punch party’s for RAG in the common rooms before nights out.