The committee are a bunch of students who were all freshers last year and are living in the hall again this year to run freshers and events later on in the year for the whole hall.

A whole fortnight! If you are a party animal, there are hall nights out the whole time minus one night in the middle. If you like to stay in, there will be a range of events and activities that we will be putting on for you.

There will be non going out fresher events each night, to ensure you're not left out if you choose not to go out.

This is a massive competition between all the halls in Freshers. Get your loud voices ready and make sure you bellow out the chants we will be teaching you as soon as you get here!

Freshers Subs is a one off payment that goes to the committee so we can run your fresher events and other hall events throughout the year. The Room Bond is a payment to the hall to cover any possible damages that you may cause. If there are no damages, you will receive the whole room bond back when you leave DC.
Both the Room Bond and Freshers Subs have to be paid before you can move in.

Platinum is an offer put on by the union giving you queue jumps, free entry to the union on certain nights and more. You can find more info by clicking here. We highly recommend you get it!

The Freshers Reveal is where we reveal to you as a hall what the main theme for our freshers is going to be. This theme will be the base for your Fresher t-shirts, theme nights and more!
The union also have their freshers reveal where they tell you about all the events in the union over freshers such as who is playing in the freshers ball and the draws for the Sing Off.

You will need a lot of fancy dress for freshers fortnight and into the rest of the year. If you have no room in your bags for any fancy dress, there are a few good shops in the town for you to get some gear and you will have plenty of time to go and get some. Speak to any of the fresher helpers or committee members and we'll point you in the right direction.

In your room, you will get general and recycling bins, a desk chair, another chair, two pillows and a lamp. In the kitchen you get pots and pans, a kettle and a toaster as well as a microwave/oven combi and an induction hob.

You will have a lot of things to bring to Uni and there will be lots of things you don't need that your parents will be giving you and telling you that you will need. You will not need: pots, pans, a desk lamp, kettle and a toaster as these are provided for you.

It is important that you include your ID number as this ensures items go to the correct people.

David Collett Hall,
Loughborough University,
LE11 3UE

Generally, you will find out your room number a few days before you move in.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please email: dctmedialufbra@gmail.com