Who we are?

David Collett Hall (affectionately known as DC) is currently one of the biggest and best halls of residence on campus. Located in the West Park, it is 30 seconds away from the Library and the Student Village. We are minutes away from The Accommodation Centre, The Village Bar Cafe, The EHB Bar Cafe, The Purple Onion Shop and Papa Si - the take-away place to go after a night out.

We have a very friendly atmosphere and we specialise in making everyone feel at home. We not only have a mind blowing social life, we are equally good at sport, charity and community service. There is something for everyone to be involved with in DC, whatever your interests!

David Collett is a catered hall of residence. We are provided 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), 5 days a week. There is a wide variety of food options for everyone to choose from, ranging from salads to soups, sandwiches to hot meals, there is everything you can ask for, and more!

There are 3 different common rooms, one with a full Sky Package and a pool table, another with a PlayStation 4 and table-tennis table and finally one common room has a speaker set-up and a beer-pong table. You can either sit and relax here between lectures or you can come down to pre-drink and socialise before a night out.

Being part of DC entails being involved in a lot more than you can imagine! By choosing to stay at DC you are embarking on an awesome journey that will create memories you will never forget!


Find out more about DC at the following links:
Accommodation Centre
LSU Website

Common Rooms
Bike Sheds

Why Choose DC

  • Catered Meals

    3 meals a day, 5 days a week. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) Which saves a lot of time and ensures you always eat well.

  • Location

    DC is just 30 seconds away from the library, the student village & the engineering departments. With the other end of campus just a short walk or (free) bus ride away.

  • Hall Spirit

    We have the best hall spirit in Loughborough! DC is one giant family and no matter what you study and what hobbies you have there'll be something for you to get involved with in hall.

What Students Say:

Edgy Memes



Possibly the best punch-parties on campus

Jack Martin

Punch Enthusiast

Amazingly open and friendly environment

Emma Kenny