DC's Media Reps will make sure that everyone in DC knows what's happening around the hall. Whether it be IMS, RAG, Action or your Socials, media are involved with all of them. By taking pictures, making videos and posters and keeping the hall website updated, media ensure eveyone knows what's happening when. Basically hall media makes sure that your memories at DC are unforgettable!

But your media reps need help. If you have any interesting pictures from a night out, some quality video footage, or you have some awesome Photoshop skills, get in touch with us! DC also gets weekly radio slots at the LCR studio, so we are always on the look out for presenters with some sick music interests!

There are also plenty of media opportunities at the Student Union. From writing articles, to live TV, to radio, to photography, the media section of the union do it all! Check out the LSU media website at media.lsu.co.uk

If you get involved with LSU media make sure you let your hall media reps know as it can score points in the inter-hall media rankings.